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How much should children drink?

Children love soda and cola - also because they are forbidden. A little help for the ideal handling of juice & co.

Children’s  eating habits  have a major impact on their growth, development and well-being. What your child eats today will even determine how healthy they will be as an adult. During childhood, feelings and attitudes towards food are formed that may last a lifetime. In addition to solid food, the choice of drinks is also crucial for later habits.

That’s how much liquid a child needs in a day

Children between the ages of four and twelve should drink at least 800 ml to one liter of liquid every day . If the child run around a lot or sweat a lot, the amount can more than double.

The liquids can best be divided into six portions: at least one portion with each meal and also a glass in between. By the way: Even a slight lack of water reduces concentration and performance – dizziness, tiredness and headaches can occur.

Sparkling and still mineral water is a matter of taste

Tap water or still mineral water is the first choice . If your child tolerates and likes it, they can also drink carbonated water. Unsweetened fruit and herbal teas without additional flavors are also suitable thirst quenchers.

Rarely pour sodas, energy drinks not at all

Sweet drinks such as lemonade or soft drinks should only be drunk occasionally – and then consciously, just like sweets or snacks. Cola, green and black tea, coffee and energy drinks contain caffeine and are absolutely unsuitable for children. Also, stay away from ready-made iced tea , as it usually contains black tea and a lot of sugar. Children can react to high doses of caffeine with restlessness, dizziness, heart and pulse palpitations and sleep disorders – in some cases also with vomiting. Alcohol is of course taboo!

There are vitamins in juices, but also lots of calories

Pure fruit juices are pressed from fruit and contain many vitamins and minerals, but also a lot of sugar and calories. In 150 ml of apple juice there are about five sugar cubes, which are naturally contained in the apples. If juice, then at most one glass a day as an alternative to a portion of vegetables or fruit. Incidentally, milk is not one of the beverages and is not suitable as a pure thirst quencher. It is an important food, ensures stable bones and healthy teeth.

Water is the best way to quench thirst

• Keep offering your child water – especially if the child is very thirsty. It will soon find that it is the best thirst quencher.

• Don’t just provide water or suitable tea with meals, but also in between.

• Keep reminding your child to drink.

• Give your child their own drinking bottle when they are out and about (day care center or school).

How much should children drink?

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