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Study. Most children inherit their father’s height and their mother’s weight

Scientists say that a healthy and balanced diet helps the child to make the most of his genes and grow taller.

On the other hand, a diet low in nutrients can lead to a smaller stature of the child compared to his parents. One study suggests that height is inherited from the father.

Higher fathers make children taller

Our height is about 70% genetic, scientists say. But, there are many different genes related to a child’s height.

Women generally stop growing at about 15 years of age, while men continue to grow for another 3 years.

For this reason, men tend to be taller than women. And often women have relationships with someone taller, which makes their children taller.

In order for them to be shorter, a woman will have to have children with a person shorter than her. Researchers at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital claim that the taller the father, the taller and taller their child will be.

The father’s weight may have a lesser impact on the child’s weight

Studies suggest that a fatter father does not seem to be the reason why his baby is fatter.

However, another study suggests that overweight men may influence a child’s brain development and slow down fine motor skills.

A mother’s extra pounds can have an impact on her children

The team at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital found that, unlike fathers, mothers influence their children even if they are slightly overweight. This is probably based on the environment in the womb, as overweight mothers will have higher blood sugar levels.

Approximately 1,000 families studied, investigating the weight and height of women and men and their children in the first 2 years of life. Dr. Knight concludes that the mother’s weight is one of the key factors that have a huge impact on a future baby.

This is the first time that scientists have really been able to discover and explain the effects of parental genes on a baby’s weight and height, and this is an important indicator of general health.

Study. Most children inherit their father's height and their mother's weight

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