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Make Masks: 5 Diy Ideas for Fun Children’s Carnival Masks

Whether as a disguise for a children’s birthday party or carnival: making masks yourself is great fun with little effort… Five crafting ideas for the foolish season.

Masks are simply part of dressing up – regardless of whether your child wants to go to carnival as an animal, like a mythical creature, as a superhero, or in a princess or pirate costume. Homemade masks are of course the most beautiful examples. What is your favorite DIY mask?

1. Make animal masks

Animal masks are probably the absolute classic. Whether tiger, bear, bunny, or monkey. Wild animals are fun and invite you to get creative. Here is an ingenious guide, because all masks are made from paper plates. And that’s very easy and quick.

Make animal masks for carnival: 4 ideas for bears, pandas, rabbits or monkeys

2. Make a tiger mask

Or how about a tiger mask made of foam rubber? It is guaranteed to be a hit at the next children’s birthday party and other children’s festivals. Here we show step by step how the mask is made:

Make a tiger mask for carnival

3. Make a raven mask

For little high-flyers, we have a handicraft tip for a quick raven mask. The great thing about it is that it can be wonderfully varied. With the instructions, you can practically tinker with all participants of the bird wedding. Simply adjust the base and feather color accordingly.

Raven Mask: Our 5 Minute Guide

4. Make masks with paper mache

If the children are a bit older, then they can help to make the scary masks out of paper-mâché. With balloons, wallpaper paste, and a bold basic attitude, masks are created that send shivers down our spines when we see them.

Make creepy masks out of paper mache

5. Make plaster masks yourself

If you want to invest a little more time and also want a mask that can be used in many different ways, you can try a plaster mask.

Make a plaster mask yourself: step-by-step instructions for making masks with children

Plaster masks are great for great costume photos but rather uncomfortable to put on at a carnival party or to school or daycare. Here it is advisable to make a smaller plaster mask just over the eye area.

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