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Crafting With Cans: 7 Simple but Creative Upcycling Ideas

Few materials can be upcycled in such a diverse and useful way. Whether practical storage, games for children, instruments, or stylish decoration – tinkering with cans is a hit! Here I have tried out a few things for you and collected further inspiration.

Before you get started, you need to prepare the cans. I first removed the paper and then put the cans in the dishwasher. Then dry immediately so that no rust develops. Then they are clean, but unfortunately, the glue does not come off. And he’s persistent. Hot water and dish soap didn’t work for me, neither did nail polish remover – then I discovered that there are special label removers. A really good tip! After the first painful cut, I also sandpapered all the sharp edges. But then you can start!

Tinkering with cans – Idea 1: Organizer for odds and ends

With relatively little effort, you can keep your desk tidy. For this you ideally take three cans of different sizes, this makes your organizer particularly clear and you can stow away small and large odds and ends.

You need:

  • Cans of different sizes
  • scraps of fabric,
  • self-adhesive crochet border
  • Craft glue and brush and hot glue

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Brush the cans all around with lots of craft glue.
  2. Then stretch the cut fabric around once.
  3. Let the fabric overlap a few centimeters at the top, then you can simply fold it into the can. This also solves the problem of sharp edges if you didn’t have the patience to sand down.
  4. I used a self-adhesive crochet border at the bottom because the edges of my fabric weren’t quite straight. With this, you can always save a lot when crafting!
  5. Then all you have to do is glue your cans together. I used hot glue for this. The smallest can should be placed in the front center in front of the two larger ones.
  6. Pens, scissors, erasers, and the like are already neatly stowed away.

Tinkering with cans – idea 2: can telephone

You need:

  • 2 cans
  • line
  • Cordless drill or hammer and nail

A can phone to play with is very simple. There needs to be a small hole in the bottom of both cans. I used a cordless screwdriver for this. Put the end of a string through each hole and tie it inside. I touched it up a bit with a needle. You can already make calls – the cord must be taut for this. You can of course design the cans to your heart’s content in advance. My daughter decorated them wildly with stickers and washi tape.

Tinkering with cans – idea 3: insect hotel

Nesting aids for insects have been experiencing a real boom in gardens for a few years. Cans are particularly suitable as a material. You only need a suspension and filling material such as corrugated cardboard, straw, bamboo sticks, wood wool, or thin twigs, which you put in the can. It’s cute if you design the can like a bee or a ladybug.

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