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7 ways you can help your child make friends

The development of the child's social skills can help him to face the world.

Although some children are naturally more socially adaptable than others, they still need to become familiar with effective communication skills as they grow older.

Learn how to help your child become more sociable and make friends more easily:


Encourages eye contact

Train your child to look into the eyes of the person they are talking to. This promotes effective communication and builds self-confidence.

You can try certain games, such as taking part in a viewing contest, asking him to talk to his toys, or looking you in the eye when he tells you something.

Teach him what empathy means

Watch a movie with your child or watch TV to help them identify and understand the feelings of others.

Try asking him something like, “How do you think the guy in yellow feels now?” and wait for his answer. When you help your child develop empathy, it takes root for effective communication later.

Encourage him to express his feelings

Once your child understands how to identify feelings, he will learn to express them and respond to different situations. If your child is too shy, give them a comfortable space to express their feelings.

As a parent, interact with him every day and teach him kind words such as “thank you,” “please,” and also involve him in your conversations.

Explain the importance of personal space

Maybe you should also teach your child about the importance of having a personal space. Everyone needs this, even him, to create a comfortable environment in which to interact.

You can also inform them about the appropriate ways to communicate with someone during different social situations.

Play with him

This kind of activity promotes patience, the ability to wait your turn, negotiations about who makes the first move, following the rules and a good reaction, whether you lose or win.

You can play with it both outside and at home, the only important thing is to make sure that the game is appropriate for your child’s age.

Prepare him for advanced social skills once he has mastered the basics

Once the child has come to express himself without fear, he will be able to easily handle any complex situation.

Therefore, expose him to effective means of communication, such as negotiation, public speaking, conflict resolution, and more, to help him blend in with the real world in the future.

It continues to provide an environment in which to thrive

Give your child good company and opportunities to communicate with different types of people.

If your child is shy and does not have well-developed social skills, you can involve him in group activities, various sports activities, courses for developing and discovering hobbies and many other ways to interact with others. This also helps to develop interpersonal skills.

7 ways you can help your child make friends

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