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3 Men by Zodiac Sign Who Don’t Want to Limit Themselves to One Woman

3 men by zodiac sign who don’t want to limit themselves to one woman.
Any woman dreams of being with her man the only and for life. If this happens, then, unfortunately, not so often. Relationships can fade, deteriorate, or become annoying over time. Often men begin to pull “to the left.”

Astrologers say that this can partly be blamed on the celestial bodies and the positions of the planets, which have a direct impact on a person’s temperament. We have already talked about the most faithful men. It’s time to find out which of the zodiac signs can be called polygamous!

3 men by zodiac sign who don’t want to limit themselves to one woman


This zodiac sign dreams of the perfect woman. He is literally in constant search of a lady who will fully correspond to the image he has built in his head. The trouble is that such a woman may not even exist in nature!

Taurus often sees nothing reprehensible in being in a relationship, but not stopping the search. “So what? We only have one life!” – an exemplary motto of Taurus. 


On the one hand, Capricorns are wise, responsible, and reliable men. On the other hand, they are overly curious! Having a strong and stable relationship, Capricorns after a while begin to think: what if …? I wonder how my life would have turned out with another partner?

Sooner or later, such thoughts can turn into action, and for some time Capricorn can even afford to play a double game.


With Aquarius, everything is simpler: they look to the left when they feel not free in their current relationship. As soon as he feels like in a vice, he immediately wants to escape. For this reason, the best tactic of behavior with Aquarius is this: if you want to hold on, let go.

Of course, nothing will stop a man if he wants to leave. But a well-mannered and decent man at first honestly admits that there is no point in continuing the relationship, and with a clear conscience he will begin to spin new novels. Do you agree?

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