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What do we tell the boys about menstruation? Mandatory instructions

The first time I heard about the "cycle" in the fourth grade. I had no discussion with my mother about this. I found out at school. I was even the worst in the school yard because I was the last in my class to find out. She had "come" to a colleague and she also shared the secret with her bank colleague.

It was such a secret that in the first recreation he already knew the whole school, and the boys were making fun of it. I learned from my colleagues that it’s normal for “your blood to flow there,” but I don’t know why, in my day, this thing was so closely related to breasts: “If you don’t have tits, you can’t come on! ” Calculated like this, I shouldn’t have come to this day.

That’s why I was calm then … because I couldn’t come! That’s why I thought I was hit when it happened – it was completely out of my mind that it could happen to me. Well, that was a good thing for me. Somehow, I don’t know-how, this thing turned out to be awful at school. The boys found out or caught themselves, I have no idea, and the girls became the subject of jokes: “You see you’re leaving traces!” / “Don’t get close to x because it’s filling you with blood!” / “You put wool / socks / straw on …”.

It was not at all comfortable to live those days during school.

In addition, there was the problem of absorbents. The “performances” had just appeared, but that didn’t save us girls at all. They were expensive and we couldn’t afford them. So I had no choice but to use bad absorbents that made us feel stressed – we always had to ask a colleague to look at you, then you took 10 steps in front of her so she could see you from behind – you were just coming back see how he nods in response.
My son is now old enough to hear about this. No, I didn’t tell him now. I told him earlier. I told him when he asked me seriously how children are made. He was about 7 years old. That’s when I talked to her about absorbents. I showed them to him. They were, however, in plain sight on the bathroom shelf.

I’ve been talking about it ever since.

I also told him that it was not very pleasant for us. I told her how it was for me the first time, how it was in my teens, how it was with the pain and how you go through it month after month – you take a break during pregnancy and you completely release yourself at menopause.

I told you this now because I went shopping with the baby and I also bought absorbents. When we got home, when we put them in the bags in the car, we met a neighbor. I started talking to her, and the child continued to put products in bags (because we put everything from the cart in the trunk and only arrange them at home) listing them out loud (that’s how he does it when he does his job, feels the need to talk). When she said “tampons”, the neighbor was close to cardiac arrest. He couldn’t say another word, then he approached me.

I didn’t know what was wrong with her, but she whispered, “Are you letting the boy see your tampons?”

I give you my word, I didn’t know how to react. “But it’s new, in the package!” I wanted to answer, but I didn’t. What do you mean, see my tampons? Buffers are visible in any store, first of all, they are not a smuggled commodity that can only be found in the underground trade. Secondly, why are tampons so horrible? Why shouldn’t boys see? Why shouldn’t boys know what tampons are and what they’re used for?
I also happened to see through the pharmacies men sent to buy tampons, reddened to the tip of the ears when they arrived in front of the pharmacist. They paid and went out with their heads bowed, as if carrying all the shame of the human race on their backs.
How is menstruation and all that is shameful about it? Why do we have to separate things? Why shouldn’t boys know? Why should we beware?

Yes, I let my boy see my tampons and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I really think we mothers need to do that.

I believe that a generation of men who respect women can only grow up if we, their mothers, talk openly about what it’s like to be a woman.
What do we tell the boys about menstruation? Mandatory instructions

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