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The only gift mothers can give to the next generation of women

Ever since she was a child, she's been hanging out with me, and she doesn't like to push me to my full potential.

For example, we send each other a kiss on the go, with a sign on our lips. This is the cutest thing we can do. In fact, this is the only way we can express our affection discreetly, because the rest …
Let me tell you. I also like to wink. And I do! The first few times, what to see, he didn’t really get what I wanted. Daaar is a smart boy and he realized quickly. Ehh, let’s just say I’ve seen better. Me … if that’s the case and the children are my parents’ mirror, then I must be sorry for my mother.
After he glanced back at me, I ran to the bathroom and glanced in the mirror. I wanted to see myself, to be sure.

I don’t want to teach a child to be stupid.

Anyway, I’m decent. I winked and saw myself! I’m really nice when I wink.

Seriously. I’m nice. I went back to the living room and did it again. I don’t know how I can get you back. I’m trying to find a correspondent. I have no idea! I was thinking about Mr. Bean, but Mr. Bean is a water pistol next to my baby when he winks. In fact, he does more with his mouth. That his mouth opens to one side, his tongue comes out. No, no, it’s not spitting out of his mouth.

I also tried to do the same and, if you mentioned – that it didn’t happen to me until this phase, I was put on the tongue. And with the eye, that is, the eyes, that he is not dealing with only one … one says that you have just put Chinese ointment in him, and the other seems to be going to see what is behind the ear. I’m telling you, if it’s to wake me up at night and wink at me, I’m convinced, I’m going to die.

I don’t think even if he wanted to grimace at me, he wouldn’t get as crooked as he does when he winks at me.

I didn’t tell him anything then, but his father came to visit in the evening and I quickly told him the whole story. I told him to wink and see. Ehh, let’s just say I’ve been patient and I’ve been the first to do it. We both laughed to ourselves, but my father took my role as a father seriously and went to talk to him. There was a discussion about that with girls, with lovers, with boyish affairs, from which I didn’t even want to hear everything, but these came to me unintentionally in my ear.
After about half an hour, his father came to me triumphantly and told me that he was ready, he solved – “Well, maybe he would do that to the girls and they would run away, damn it!”
And, because we’re talking about International Girls’ Day, and we’re talking about it, there are a few things we should teach our boys:
– to be empathetic
– be responsible
– to know how to listen
– not to lie
– to offer flowers for no reason
– wash dishes and take out rubbish (daily, not just on special occasions)
– to cook
– to spread some clothes
– to pack them
– to know that order and purity do not appear through divine intervention
– not to think that washing dishes, taking a shower, tidying up and cleaning are a woman’s business
– to understand that it does NOT mean NO
– to respect the person next to them (whoever they are and whatever their position is)
– to say “Please!”, “Thank you!”, “I understand you!”, “I’m sorry!”
– to walk on the side of the street when walking with his girlfriend on the sidewalk
– to enter a restaurant first when I go out to dinner with my girlfriend
– to be punctual (even to arrive a little earlier) – to behave nicely with everyone around- to take care of themselves (to know what the drawer with socks in the house is)

Please, you understand …

I think it is our duty, as mothers of boys, to give the next generation of women some eye-catching men. Please know how to do them (in my case)!

The only gift mothers can give to the next generation of women

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