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Do you know why children’s playgrounds should only be for children?

It's been a long time since my child came out to the playground in front of the block. You know what it's like ... with age, they end up having all kinds of dramas.

The water in his gang was ruined and he avoided coming out. I was sorry, but I had no choice.

I let him do his own thing, and in the end he trained them, so the big gang got together at the beginning of this vacation.
Now, I hardly catch him around the house. It comes when he is hungry or needs a bath. I even laughed to myself one of the last nights that if I didn’t manage to bring him home, the police would send him.
He came alone. Hungry!
Last night, after sitting outside again for hours, I woke up to being asked at the table:

– Do you know why playgrounds are for children?

I quickly said no, because I was interested in his answer.
“Because only they should play there!” Parents shouldn’t get involved in this.
And he tells me:

– X’s mother came and after she stayed and after she sat and watched us play the climbing one, she said to X: “See? Why don’t you act like Y? Look how beautiful it is! ” and it ruined our game.

This is awful for both X and Y – that X feels bad for not being able to do that and starts hating Y because his mother made him laugh, and Y suddenly has a relationship broken with X … unintentionally. That’s why playgrounds should only be for children, because parents ruin everything! What would it be like for the children to start saying to everyone: “Look what X’s mother is doing, why don’t you do like her?”

You know that it is said that we should treat our children nicely because they will choose our asylum, but I say that we should behave nicely not only for a decent asylum, but also for a quiet life.

I would miss that now, to hear him say: “Look, X’s mother is painted, she’s not like you with raised roots! Y’s mother is weak, why aren’t you weak? Z’s mother is a doctor, why aren’t you a doctor? ” I prefer a quiet life, without comparing or being compared.

And, aside from the joke, after I was raised with the parenting of the comparison, I said from the beginning that I would not subject my child to this torment. I always thought that the child was a new man, whom I had the rest of my life to meet. That’s how we set out on this path. I went on the principle that I would find out on the go.

I didn’t make any plans – to be the first in school, to be a medal-winning athlete, to attend a top college, to become a doctor or a researcher. I set out on these cheap things: to be with him as much as I can and to support him in everything he does, but to make his own decisions.

Finally, I get lost in unnecessary details, because I will not change my mentality and parenting styles now. Most likely, X’s mother, and if she arrives at a luxury asylum, will still say, “Look, Y, what a beautiful asylum her mother chose, why didn’t you choose me like that?” Well, my hope is that at least today’s kids will have a different mindset.

I hope X answers, “Yeah, but Y’s mother has hip osteoarthritis, why do you have senile dementia?”

Do you know why children's playgrounds should only be for children?

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