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Make chalk yourself: 3 simple instructions

This makes painting twice as much fun - with sidewalk chalk made from just a few ingredients. It's so easy to make your own chalk.

Chalk is a classic toy for young children. What could be nicer than decorating the terrace with a rainbow in summer? Or draw a cool jumping game on the black asphalt? You can buy chalk at any drug store or toy store. But did you know that you can also make your own chalk? When your children are a bit older, they can even help with the production – and will certainly be fascinated to be able to use the specially made sidewalk chalk. We have selected three recipes for you and explain step by step how the DIY chalk is guaranteed to succeed.

1. Make your own chalk with cornstarch

This recipe for making chalk is a classic and can be made with just a few ingredients. You probably already have everything you need at home. Otherwise, a quick walk to the supermarket or drugstore is enough.

You need:

  • Cardboard tubes (either toilet paper rolls or household rolls)
  • wax paper
  • household gums
  • Food coloring or acrylic paint
  • food starch
  • water

That’s how it’s done: 

  1. Close the bottom of the cardboard rolls completely with wax paper and household rubber bands.
  2. Mix the cornstarch with water until the mixture becomes a smooth mass. For colored chalk, first add the food coloring to the water and then the cornstarch.
  3. Fill the cardboard tubes evenly with the mixture.
  4. Leave to dry for a day or two, then remove the cardboard sleeves. And you can start painting!

This recipe also works with plaster of paris (from the hardware store) instead of the cornstarch. To do this, mix about 3 cups, color them and put them in the cardboard sleeves.

2. Make your own white chalk with eggshells

This recipe produces the most beautiful white chalk. And your kids will be amazed that you can make chalk from egg shells.

You need:

  • cardboard rolls
  • wax paper
  • household gums
  • white egg shells
  • a teaspoon of flour
  • a teaspoon of hot water

That’s how it works: 

  1. Finely grind the eggshells in a mortar or two stones.
  2. Add flour and water. Stir until a viscous mass forms.
  3. Seal the cardboard tubes at one end with wax paper and household rubber bands. Then fill in the mass.
  4. After two to three days of drying time, the chalk is ready.

3. Make your own chalk with flour

Probably the simplest recipe for making chalk yourself only works with flour and water. However, this chalk is not as stable as with plaster of paris or cornstarch.

You need: 

  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 120ml of water
  • Food coloring or acrylic paint
  • whisk
  • wax paper
  • duct tape

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Since the flour chalk can crumble quickly, it is better to pour it into smaller molds. This makes them more stable. It is best to take wax paper, roll it up into small tubes and seal it with tape on the sides and one end.
  2. Whisk together the flour and water in a bowl. If the mixture is too runny, add a little more flour. Stir well until no more lumps can be seen.
  3. Now you can pour the mixture into the molds. Depending on how thick your tubes are, the chalk should be dry no later than 36 hours later.
Make chalk yourself: 3 simple instructions

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