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Beneficial Thinking: Anti-Stress Tips for Moms

Facing the challenges of everyday life with children in a more relaxed manner: this is what moms want more than ever.

Being a mom is not only the most beautiful job in the world, but also the most exhausting. The increasing demands in family, job, partnership and leisure time plus the pressure of social expectations push mothers to their limits more quickly today. If at the same time virtues such as confidence, trust and gratitude are neglected, people atrophy emotionally. This is extremely stressful and can lead to health problems.

Relaxation begins in the mind

Is there a way out of the self-imposed overload? Specialist and mother Dr. Easwaran “needed to find a solution to the many troubled and stressed families in her practice.” Easwaran knows from his own experience that too much is asked from mothers who, especially in Corona times, “have taken care of home schooling and all other essentials in addition to working from home”.

The thinking strategy of Beneficial Thinking

Having been active in body-mind medicine for a long time, Easwaran developed the thinking strategy of Beneficial Thinking. The method starts with processes in the brain “through which our perception and actions can be changed easily and permanently.” In order to make everyday life relaxed, exhausting thought patterns have to be overcome. With Beneficial Thinking, it should be possible to “escape the spiral of stress, feel happier and more easily achieve one’s goals in life,” explains the Ethiopian-born doctor.

Serenity as a result of balance

As a dedicated mother of two sons with her own pediatric practice, Dr. Easwaran in the same tense life situation as other mothers. “When I get stressed, I try to find out what’s causing it and constantly practice my Beneficial Thinking method to find my way out again. As a result, I’m more balanced, have a lot more zest for life, and achieve my goals more easily than before.”

Constructive communication helps with rethinking

It’s our reactions that upset parents. According to the expert, we can “learn to use the “switch moment”, i.e. the “time span between the external stimulus and our reaction, to act more resiliently.” Constructive communication, which is often neglected, plays a major role in one’s own mental rethinking. “As a doctor, I not only have to communicate with my family and colleagues every day, but also with many parents and children. Thanks to Beneficial Thinking, that doesn’t stress me out, it’s a lot of fun.”

Cope with stress with knowledge, will and practice

Easwaran has helped many parents with her technique to change harmful behaviors. Above all, “self-knowledge and personal development as a person contribute to one’s own relief. Only this allows us to trust our children and life itself more. Mothers should strengthen themselves as a person, find their center and a new level of thinking achieve,” recommends the expert. A strong will and a lot of practice lead to success and more quality of life: “We learn to lead ourselves, to act more deliberately and finally to reduce stress.”


Constant stress makes us all ill – it leads to depression, obesity, high blood pressure and affects our relationships. In the short term, changing behavior through stress intervention helps mothers; in the long term, they need to train themselves to become more resilient.

A simple emergency remedy is SADH (stop, breathe, think, act). When something throws you out of your calm—an emergency or a reaction from the other person—pause, take a deep breath, and then decide how to proceed. This millisecond stops harmful stress patterns running unconsciously in the brain and brings them back into focus.

Through Beneficial Thinking we learn to change our thinking, our actions and our communication in such a way that we meet challenges better. Anyone who permanently lowers their stress level strengthens their mental resilience and creates space for mental clarity and good feelings. We feel more balanced and achieve our goals more easily in the future.

Beneficial Thinking: Anti-Stress Tips for Moms

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