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6 Tips to help your child settle in kindergarten

A new phase of life is starting for thousands of children every year

A new phase of life is starting for thousands of children every year. Here’s how you can help your child settle in kindergarten.

1. Make a note of what might be difficult for you!

The threshold to kindergarten is an emotional phase in life together with your child. Every mother and every father is different, and everyone has different thoughts and concerns. Being clear in advance what could be difficult for you – and of course for your child – and passing this on to the educators has proven itself in cooperation with many parents. Because most of the time, the problems can be solved quickly and the disruptions eliminated. It is best to write down your thoughts so that nothing is lost.

2. Trust your child. He can do more than you think!

I have often asked myself why it was so difficult for me to give up my children. The answer is logical: first you spend 24/7 together with your child – and then you suddenly put it in supposedly strange hands. Will my child be okay? Will it be looked after as well as mine? The answer is: no. Nowhere is it (at best) as nice and safe as home. But: The kindergarten is a new chance at a wonderful place where you can get to know exciting things. This can be very good for the development of your child. Even the very little ones can and often do much more than we give them credit for.

3. Let the educators do it. They are for your kids – not against you!

Let’s see it this way: Parents and educators are in an educational partnership. This is based on giving your children the best possible support to develop their skills. So understand the instructions of the educators more as an aid and less as criticism. Let’s all accept the challenges. This is how we learn and grow together. And if something bothers you, be sure to always speak up.

4. Show your child a positive attitude!

Our children usually adopt our emotional states unfiltered. So if you show them that the new thing that is coming might be scary or negative, they will carry that feeling with them too. Talk about new daily routines, tell your kids about their new friends, new caregivers, and the many exciting opportunities that await them. Take away their own fears and soothe them.

5. Become a parent representative!

At the beginning of kindergarten, the parents’ representatives are elected at parents’ evenings. Yes, that’s right: that’s the time when everyone looks down and waits for it to be over… If you have the desire and, above all, the time, you should definitely be elected to this office. On the one hand you get to know all the other parents, which is not always possible in normal everyday life. On the other hand, you get the opportunity to have a say in parenthood. True to the motto: If you don’t move, you don’t move anything either – in both directions.

6. Not everything will be great. But where is that?

There will be situations when your child will be sad and cry. These usually do not last long and are quickly resolved. But what if your tears roll down? This is completely normal and often even helpful. The pandemic has cost us all a lot of strength this year. We all don’t know where fall will take us. Your child will get sick anyway, because the snotty nose or the strange rash on the face are simply part of everyday daycare life. No educator in the world is as quick as the children share their handkerchiefs or swap the pacifiers. We are also living through Corona for the first time – be careful with each other and give us all the chance to find a good way together.

6 Tips to help your child settle in kindergarten

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