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10 tips on how to help your child “Grow up”

Parents cannot accelerate their child's development. But you can support it and help it "grow up".

As a child begins to develop a new skill, they feel an increasing need to try that skill. It seeks on its own the necessary experiences to acquire and apply knowledge, skills, or behaviors.

With suggestions and the opportunity for a variety of experiences, you can support your child in becoming more and more skilled and confident in his newly acquired skills. You don’t have to constantly make him new offers to “promote” him and offer a lot of variety. When the offerings are right, most children are more likely to be happy and content with fewer incentives than too many. If the child is chronically ill or has a disability, they may need special encouragement and sometimes professional support in certain areas.

10 tips on how to help your child “grow up”.

  1. Don’t try to teach your child something they aren’t ready for.
  2. Set realistic expectations of your child. If you have any doubts, then ask your pediatrician. For example, a two-year-old child usually do not play alone for a long time, even if there are children who are very good at being busy on their own from an early age.
  3. Match your suggestions to your child’s interests.
  4. Encourage and praise your child when they want to do something of their own accord, and celebrate with them everything they have learned.
  5. Give your child the opportunity to use their skills in everyday life. Every action he does on his own strengthens his self-esteem and gives him self-confidence and self-assurance.
  6. Don’t discourage your child if something doesn’t work out right away. Encourage him to try new things and give him a little help if it seems necessary.
  7. Only help your child with the things they are not (yet) able to do themselves.
  8. Don’t be afraid to let your child be disappointed. Children need to learn to deal with disappointments and setbacks and not let them discourage them. This is also true if your child is developmentally delayed or has a disability and you may find it particularly difficult to see their disappointment when they fail.
  9. Tell your child clearly when you want something from them, and don’t give them too many instructions at once.
  10. Always offer your children options, especially when they are older – opportunities to play with other children. Go to playgrounds, invite children to your home, let them go to daycare.

10 tips on how to help your child "Grow up"

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