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Taurus child: qualities and defects

Taurus child

What are the main characteristics of the Taurus baby? How should the parent of a Taurus child behave? Here’s everything you need to know about those born between April 21 and May 20

Baby Taurus qualities and defects

After having talked to you about the Aquarius children  , the Pisces children  and the Ariet children, it is time to take you to discover everything about children born under the sign of Taurus . If your child (or your children) were born between April 21 and May 20, know that you are in front of an earth sign , ruled by the planet Venus .

A zodiac sign that, perhaps more than all the others, brings love and docility to the character of those who belong to it. The Taurus child , in fact, is, in most cases, a docile, calm, good person, easily manageable in the growth phase, a little less in the adolescent period. But let’s go in small steps.

Characteristics of the Bull Child

The child of the sign of Taurus stands out, from an early age, for his sunshine, for his cordiality and, with his eyes and his smiles, he can easily conquer everyone. He has a calm disposition and, in the first years of life, he may seem slower than his peers , but it is part of his character. The Taurus child, in fact, has among its characteristics the inability to adapt quickly to changes. As they say, he needs his time , but he always achieves his goals. Among his talents, in fact, stubbornness and tenacity stand out .

Furthermore, the Taurus child has a very developed touch , so it is good to stimulate him with soft objects and games, pleasant to touch. He also has a good appetite , he likes milk and baby food but, even in this case, at the slightest change he will appear wary. Give it time. He is a mammon.

Qualities of the Bull Child

In addition to the calm, the positivity, the calmness, the harmony that Venus brings in this sign, the Baby Taurus has a calm and very manageable character , this – certainly – is among its main qualities. Unlike other more impetuous and capricious signs, in fact, the Taurus appears affable, it is the typical “good child”. The night sleeps without waking up many times. In addition to touch, the Taurus baby also has a highly developed sense of smell , qualities that may make him love some smells and detest others. The greatest quality of Taurus, however, which he will carry on throughout his life, is another: always being able to see the glass half full , appreciating the good things, storing the bad ones.

Defects of the Bull Child


If we can speak of a defect, the only thing that blocks the Taurus a bit is – as already mentioned – its slowness . He is not very inclined to change (be it food, daily habits, the park, play friends). It is slow in starting to talk and to walk , but it must be supported, respected, because, as already said, it will reach its goals by itself. Prize or defect, evaluate it yourself, the Taurus child is also jealous of the people close to him and his games. He has a hard time sharing his things , for example, and can express anger if someone of his age takes away one of his toys. In short, the calm that characterizes him disappears in cases like this.
One of the points of weakness in Taurus is the throat : children born under this sign can suffer from tonsillitis or similar problems.


The teenager Taurus


With the arrival of the school, the first problems begin for the Taurus – and therefore for his parents -. The Taurus child is, in fact, quite distracted and needs stimulation to apply and succeed in school. The problems, however, increase with the arrival of adolescence . In this phase of growth – which is the most delicate for everyone – obstinacy and rebellion is unleashed in Taurus . He could be not very constant in his studies, he could go wrong in school, stubborn in wanting to study only what he likes. He will be more inclined towards artistic and commercial and economic subjects. Also good in languages ​​(more written than spoken), he will show difficulties in grammar and oral exposition.Art has the Bull in his blood , so it will be no wonder that drawing or music will become his greatest passion.
The teenager Taurus is still a reserved type who, even in relationships, needs his time, just like when he was younger. But, once the ice is broken, friends, boyfriend / girlfriend will appreciate his calmness, positivity and even tenacity.

Taurus: compatibility with other signs


Parent Aries-Son Taurus: the rhythms are undoubtedly different, for this reason, it is important that the Aries parent respects the less immediate times of the Taurus.
Parent Taurus-Son Taurus: There will be great understanding and one will understand the other, but be careful not to fall into laziness together. It is imperative that a Taurus parent always encourages their child
Parent Gemini-Son Taurus: we are talking about two very different characters, the speed of the first could collide with the docility and slowness of the second, therefore, be careful not to enter into conflict.
Cancer Parent-Taurus Child: The understanding is perfect. The loving character, but at the same strong of the Cancer will understand the weaknesses of the Taurus knowing how to spur him with maturity.
Leo Parent-Taurus Child: The parent may not understand the child’s reflective skills and calm timing, but he will have to learn to do so for his own good.
Parent Virgo-Son Taurus: with a little slow times, a great understanding will be created between these two signs and, the Virgo, will learn to appreciate the reflective and mnemonic qualities of Taurus.
Libra parent-Taurus child: both love harmony, are sunny and sociable, therefore they will get along well.
Parent Scorpio-Son Taurus: two very different personalities but who will know how to take each other, in particular because the Taurus will appreciate the dynamism of the Discovery and, the latter, the foresight and non-superficiality of the Taurus.
Sagittarius parent-Taurus child: two calm characters, calm and capable of always looking at the positive. The understanding is perfect.
Parent Capricorn-Son Taurus: both stubborn, both firm on their own choices. These signs have several traits in common, but the solidity that unites them could sometimes create some tensions.
Parent Aquarius-Son Taurus: it will be necessary to find a balance between the two characters, at the beginning it could be difficult but, once you have found that harmony, your relationship will be beautiful.
Parent Pisces-Son Taurus: The parent in this case will have to do a great job on himself to learn to encourage the child and to instill in him confirmations and certainties.


Advice for Taurus parents

The parents of a Taurus child / boy must, first of all, know how to take that tranquility and that innate laziness of his by encouraging him . However, they must also know how to respect his times, his rhythms, without pressing him too much and putting himself in line with his positivity. A task, not an easy one, of the parents of a Taurus, must be to help him develop his autonomy, deconstructing that jealousy that, at times, makes him too possessive of his things, all this without being too close to him (otherwise it will only be counterproductive) .
Even in studies, the Taurus boy will be constantly prodded , how? Making him notice his qualities, making him proud, finding the key that can highlight the positive sides that the studio can have in his near future.

What a Taurus child will do when he grows up

The adult Taurus is an honest type, capable of great responsibility . He could follow the path of art, of music, love a particular musical instrument. He could also pursue a career in the economic field. To characterize him in his professional life will always be those times a little longer, but which will lead him to prudent and, almost always, right choices. He will always keep his laziness a bit, even at work.

Lucky color, stone, number, flower, animal

Color: green
Lucky day: Friday
Number: 6
Stone: emerald.

Famous characters of Taurus

Many famous people born under the sign of Taurus , ranging from the great names of Macchiavelli, Shakespeare, Kant, Marx, Marconi, to celebrities from the world of entertainment and cinema, including Audrey Hepburn, Antony Queen, Gianni Boncompagni, Mario Monicelli , Al Pacino. Al Bano, Barbara D’Urso, Anna Oxa, Luca Laurenti, Laura Pausini, Ambra Angiolini, Marco Carta and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are also of the sign of Taurus.

Taurus child: qualities and defects

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