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Find out what mom you are based on your zodiac sign

find out what mom are you

Always ready to commit fully to family life and with your children, you are a mother who tries to do better and better, to find new ideas, reading tons of books to raise her little ones better, and rushing to the pediatrician for more. advice! When they grow up, you will encourage them to go out with friends and organize some beautiful birthday parties. What matters is that your baby is open to the world and to others.

A life without children? Impossible. Always there for your children, give them your best and, let’s face it, infinite devotion. You will always try to be as righteous as possible and to take into account their problems or sufferings. You like to cuddle them, kiss them, even if you risk that they will feel suffocated, especially when grown up. What you prefer is to see them greedy, beautiful and full of life.

A mom at 100,000 volts! You are a mom who teaches her little ones to be independent from a young age, and your home is filled with educational books and games. Proud of their progress in school, you value good grades and success. Learn to listen to them more, even if you risk hearing something you won’t like. Although you are a mom who loves to play with her children and is happy with them, you are unable to give up everything to go for a ride on a bike or roller with them.

You show great tenderness towards children and are attentive to their minimal need. If your baby is sad and sulking, do whatever it takes to make him smile. You, who are considered shy, can become a beast if even one hair of your offspring is twisted. Nothing is too good for them, and you will preciously collect photos, report cards, letters and all emotional memories

You like everything that glitters and therefore you want to give your children what is best and, often, most expensive. Indulgent and generous, you will nevertheless know how to set the limits of family and social life for them. You will set aside your wants and needs to encourage your children to live happily ever after. Games will be moments of great pleasure for everyone.

You are not a mother hen, but a mother who listens, advises and helps children to think for themselves. Even if you are sometimes considered cold, your children are well acquainted with your sense of humor and your discreet tenderness. You will dress your baby with taste and you will soon teach him the basic rules of physical and food hygiene. A healthy mind in a healthy body!

Sometimes you will struggle with clutter, noises and scribbles! You who adore the middle ground, you will be able to explode in front of the noise and the screams! But, fortunately, they are your children. The cuddles and tender moments at bath time, as well as the incredible stories you will tell them before turning off the light, will make you adore. First of all, you will want to be honest, fair, and show them life as it is, not always easy, but always beautiful.

You know everything about your baby, right from the moment they put him in your lap after giving birth, and even before. Intuitive and loving, you know how to make him feel safe and you will immediately understand if something is wrong. Unconditional love and devotion, all your time and heart are for your baby. You will discover their hidden talents and encourage them to develop them to their fullest.

Take your responsibilities as a mother very seriously: bathroom, meal times, play times for your children are respected to the second minute! You know that this way you can enjoy them to the fullest and take care of them to the fullest. From the point of view of games, no problem, you are the queen of playful and spontaneous activities and you will be able to convey to them your taste for adventure and your innate sense of humor.

How much love and tenderness are hidden behind a facade that can seem distant. It’s just shyness and respect, in front of that little creature you just brought into the world, but it’s already so important. You strive to instill in him solid values ​​and urge him to fulfill his dreams, even the craziest ones, thinking of all those that you have not dared to fulfill.

You are an independent mother and you want your children to be as well. The Aquarius womanshe is always determined and ready for new adventures, your biggest wish would be that even your little ones have your adventurous spirit and a great curiosity. Thus, you will leave them a great deal of freedom of thought and action, so much so that they may struggle to understand their limits. Tender and cheerful, you will know how to give them the emotional qualities necessary to live in this world of brutes.

You are a hypersensitive mother, deeply empathetic towards the loves of your life: your children. Concerned for their happiness and well-being, you will do everything and more to make them happy and comfortable. Be careful not to protect them too much. They will have to try everything on their skin, like all of us, and you can’t stop them from living, loving, so let them free and trust them.

Find out what mom you are based on your zodiac sign

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