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Aries child: qualities and defects

aries child

What are the main characteristics of the Aries baby? How should the parent of an Aries child behave? Here’s everything you need to know about those born between March 21 and April 20

Aries baby qualities and defects

If your baby was born between March 21 and April 20 , then he is Aries . A zodiac sign that comes after Pisces and before Taurus , a fire sign ruled by Mars. Translated? Your baby is a little hurricane. Among the main characteristics of the Aries child, in fact, there is vivacity, radiance, curiosity, determination and even a pinch (perhaps a little more than a pinch) of rebellion .

But let’s get to know the qualities and characteristics of Aries children better , also giving some educational suggestions to the mothers and fathers of these little pests.

Characteristics of the Aries child

As anticipated, the Aries baby is lively, loud, full of energy and proves to have a strong character from an early age. A spirit of contradiction is innate in him, at times precisely of rebellion. The rules are tight , the abrupt commands we do not talk about. But that’s not all, because, the Aries child also has a strong sense of justice , an aspect of his character that will increase as he grows up and that from the first years of life will naturally lead him to take the part of his friend who is more fragile, less tenacious than him. .

Quality of the Aries baby

We have already revealed some qualities of the Aries child to you above, but we must still add that the little Aries is very intelligent, intuitive, fast . He is a child capable of working, of concentrating and full of curiosity. He always goes to discover new things , he always wants to try new emotions, to catapult himself into new adventures. Aries children are usually good at school, good at sports and any activity that requires energy and movement.

Defects of the Aries child

You will have already understood, however, that the character of those born under the sign of Aries is anything but simple. So, if the qualities are so many, there are also defects. The little Aries are not calm , they are not compliant, they are not manageable, not of those children that everyone will tell you about ” But how good it is! “. They are rather intolerant, irrepressible, rebellious, capricious. If not educated and contained in the right way, they tend to use their intelligence to win them all.

If in the relationship with the adult authority is the problem, in the relationship with peers it does not change much: the little Aries wants to prevail , he wants to impose his own personality, a defect that can turn into a value with the precious help of school and family.

The Aries teenager

Growing up, Aries learns to control some characteristics but highlights others. In the delicate period of adolescence , for example, those born under this zodiac sign develop a great generosity , a sense of altruism, are available but also self-centered : they always love to be at the center and prevail (just like a child). He is a very intelligent boy but only applies when he finds the subject interesting and this can often create problems at school. More inclined towards scientific subjects (mathematics and physics) than for the humanities (Italian, history, Latin). Often the Aries teenager also discovers that he has potential in music and sports: many born under this sign become good agonists, for example.

Aries: compatibility with other signs

  • Parent Aries – Child Aries: these are two very strong personalities and, therefore, clashes are the order of the day. On some aspects, however, there will be great agreement
  • Taurus parent – Aries child: Taurus’ typical patience and ability to be understanding and accommodating will generate a peaceful relationship
  • Gemini Parent – Aries Child: the knowledge and curiosity typical of Gemini will be a basin of information that Aries will draw upon with great pleasure. The clashes for conflicting opinions, however, are always around the corner.
  • Cancer Parent – Aries Child: Cancer is a loving sign, Aries will feel particularly understood and the parent-child relationship will be very complementary
  • Parent Leo – Child Aries: between two fire signs the spark is almost obvious. Yet the energy, the tenacity, the vivacity of these two signs will also make them very complicit.
  • Virgo Parent – Aries Child: Be careful not to dwell too much on the aspects of Aries that are not working. Being picky typical of Virgo, in this case would only bring problems and tensions
  • Libra parent – Aries child: there may be some confrontation, but also a lot of mutual respect and understanding
  • Parent Scorpio – Son Aries: the difficult question between two very hard heads, it will be necessary to accept, reciprocally, the rigidity of the other to get along
  • Sagittarius parent – Aries child: we are faced with opposite characters, but if it is true that opposites attract …
  • Capricorn parent – Aries child: here too two hard heads. Neither Capricorn nor Aries will want to give up, but beware that in the long run the relationship could be ruined.
  • Parent Aquarius – Son Aries: both determined, both curious, both want to understand it before accepting a rule. We will go together in love and harmony
  • Parent Pisces – Son Aries: Pisces is more imaginative and creative, Aries more rational and cynical, it will be necessary to find a middle ground to get along and make all emotions more balanced.

Advice for Aries parents

Parents of Aries children , pay close attention. Those born under this sign suffer greatly from authority and, if they feel cornered, they become aggressive, rebellious, capricious, unbearable. However, it will be essential to give him rules anyway, but how? The Aries child should be approached gently, without abrupt attitudes that can soon annoy him. Before proposing a rule, a command, it is essential to reason with them (an aspect they have in common with Aquarius children ). After all, even if apparently tough, the little Aries are tender . Taking them with sweetness will be the right key.

Dear parents, also keep in mind, that for someone born under this fire sign, sport can be fundamental . It helps to release the nervousness and that sense of “anarchy”, to channel energies in a healthy way and to learn discipline.

What an Aries child will do when he grows up

The Aries child , once he grows up, will have to deal with many skills. He will have a strong intelligence, he could be a brilliant professional, or maybe a sports champion or, again, a very good multi-instrumentalist. The little Aries, when he grows up, will really have the road smoothed, he will just have to understand what his desires are.

Lucky color, stone, number, flower, animal

Color: red and blue
Flower: the tulip
Number: one
Stone: diamond
Animal: the panther

Famous Aries characters

There are many characters born under the sign of Aries, of the past and present, belonging to the world of art, painting, cinema, politics, television, music. Looking back, we find among the famous Aries  Leonardo Da Vinci, Raffaello Sanzio, Descartes, Vincent Van Gogh, but also Luigi Einaudi, Alcide De Gasperi, Charlie Chaplin . Moving on to the 1900s, Nino Manfredi, Ugo Tognazzi, Marlon Brando, Dario Fo were also born under the sign of Aries . Getting closer to the present day, other “Aries” are Francesco De Gregori, Patty Pravo, Flavio Briatore, Ezio Greggio, Fiorella Mannoia, Giusy Ferreri, Cesare Cremonini, Lady Gaga. And the list of Aries VIPs would still be very long.

Aries child: qualities and defects

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