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What mom are you based on your zodiac sign

what mom are you?

Every now and then it takes some light reading as well as when talking with friends over a good tea and pastries, here then I propose some characteristics of mothers based on the zodiac sign . Then follow me to find out in more detail sign by sign what mothers are like, but not only in the next post we will also take a tour of the baby horoscope – zodiac signs and children .

Mom and zodiac sign


The ram mother is ready to engage in family life thoroughly, she is a mother who always tries to give the best of herself and to find new ideas to raise her children to the best and never stops asking the pediatrician to have the most number of tips. When the children grow up, the ram mother will encourage them to be in company and will be the first to organize noteworthy birthday parties for them.


The bull mom is the one who can’t think of a life without children, and when they come into her life she has infinite devotion to them. If there are more than one children, she is a just mother who takes into account the sufferings and problems of each one. She likes to cuddle them, kiss them even if they have grown up.


The twin mom wants her children to be independent from a very young age. He wishes very much that we have good grades in school and that they can make progress and success, he would listen to them for hours and hours and he documents a lot by reading many books. The gifts he loves to give them are educational games. She plays a lot with her children even if she is not ready to give up what she is doing to go with them to do activities.


The cancer mother is a woman of infinite tenderness towards children and always attentive to their every little need, she does not like to see her child without a smile and does everything so that this is not always present on her face. The cancer mom can sometimes always be a shy mother, but if her baby is wronged she can turn into a real lion. A collector mother, that is, she collects every photo, every little memory she treasures.


The lion mother wants to give her children only the best things, sometimes even too expensive things, she is a mother too generous and indulgent with her children even if she manages to set limits in what concerns social and family life. Play with your children but without exaggerating for this the moments of play are a real pleasure for everyone. Finally, the lion mother puts aside her own desires and needs to see her children live happily.


The virgin mother is a great listener, she helps and advises her children, stimulating them to think for themselves. She is a mother who can often be considered cold by those who do not know her but her children know that she is a sweet person with a sense of humor and your discreet tenderness. It is very important to your child’s clothing, hygiene and healthy nutrition.


The Libra mother does not like noise and noises for this reason she can lose patience if her children exaggerate, just as she does not love not disorder. However, he loves to tell his children tales and stories to which he devotes time every day. She is a rather practical mother for this reason she tries to show life to her own as it is with its sides, even if they are not always beautiful.


The Scorpio mother is intuitive and loving, she already knows everything about her child since she has him in her arms for the first time after giving birth. She is a mother who always makes her children feel safe and knows them so well that she knows immediately if something is wrong. She discovers their hidden talents and then encourages them to develop them to the fullest and never give up. She is a mother hen who gives them all her unconditional love


The Sagittarius mother is responsible to the point of putting schedules in things to do with her children, such as bathing, playing, etc., she wants these to be respected to the minute. This allows her to take better care of her children and not waste time on other minor activities.


The Capricorn mom appears to be distant but is actually very tender. She strives to the nth degree to pass them the value of their money and to fulfill all their wishes in their life.

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The mother Aquarius is an independent mother and she wants her children to be too, precise and rather adventurous for this reason she tries to bring her children to be little boy scouts. Give children freedom of choice and action by routing them from a very young age to help them understand their limits. She is a good-humored and sweet mother who transmits to her children the emotional qualities necessary in life.


The Pisces mother is empathetic towards her children, but very hypersensitive. Always very concerned about their well-being and the happiness of children, she wants them to always be at ease to the point of protecting them even in an exaggerated way so that at times she may not let them have the experiences necessary for their growth.

What mom are you based on your zodiac sign

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