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You love my child like he is your own so “Thank you, friends!”

I may not say it enough but I am very grateful!

After years as a couple, my partner and I decided to have a child. But, when I got pregnant, a feeling of fear came over me. I was petrified… paralyzed. Thousands of thoughts arose in my head. How to raise this child? How to make him happy? am I going to hurt him by doing this or that?

I have not escaped the doubts and questionings that many women go through during their pregnancy. Is it the right time for us to have a child? Are we going to know how to offer him everything he needs? This fear is growing to such an extent that we are embarking on frantic research. We read everything that comes to hand: brochures on pregnancy and childbirth, books on parenting and we subscribe to dozens of newsletters on breastfeeding and organic food.

However, all of this information did not really satisfy us. Too many opinions, too many different opinions… And, the fact that it was strangers sharing their points of view surely did not help. So, we started to question our family and our friends. What’s the biggest change they experienced when they welcomed their baby? What do I need to know about childbirth? What are the pitfalls of parenting to avoid?

Once again, everyone had their opinion and opinion on the subject. Yet my friends have been a great help and unconditional support. This is why I ended up confessing to them that, despite all the information gathered, I had a question that was constantly running through my head and that I could not forget: Am I going to be a good mom?

This question became all the more important when my partner left me to leave me alone to face the strangers of pregnancy and parenthood. Finally, he decided that being a father was not one of his dreams. He chose to pack his bags and not meet his son. For him, we have become strangers, passing people in his life.

The importance of friends

So every day you would come to me to tell me that everything was going to be okay, to cheer me up and to make sure that I didn’t get carried away by the depression. Without you, I wouldn’t have managed to get my head out of the water and surely I would have made a decision that I would have regretted for the rest of my life. Without you I would have become a bitter and angry woman.

And, I would not have managed to take control of myself to concentrate on the most beautiful role of my life: being a mother. With your help, I was able to set new goals and find new ways to support my child, both financially and emotionally. You have put me back on the right path and for that, I thank you very much!

Long before the birth of my child, you reassured me. you told me that I could do it, that I had the necessary strength and innate maternal instinct. My personal concerns may have left you with the impression that I was not listening to you at the time. But if… I listened to you and I believed you. Otherwise, I could never have been the mother my child deserved.

Thanks to you, I managed to bring together the broken pieces of my being, the ones that anxiety and fear had destroyed. Besides, when I told you that I was going to be a mother, I could see in your eyes all the love you have for me. It was also at that moment that I understood that you will love my child as much as you love me!

Even before his arrival, you accepted him and chose to take the responsibility of becoming role models for him. Without my asking you, you got involved in the preparation for his arrival, in his birth and in his education. You helped me make this baby a respectable, loving and happy man.

For years you watched him grow up. And, your love for him has grown stronger over time. You believe in me so much that my confidence and my self-esteem are at its peak. And, when my son climbs a new ladder or achieves a new stage in his life, your joy and excitement is as visible as mine. That is why I am convinced that I can always count on your support and help.

With your support, my little boy has grown into a grateful man who respects all women. You showed him where the beauties of this world are hiding. You have taught him to enjoy every moment and to always invest fully in everything he does. Through your relationship and thanks to all your love, he was able to discover the love of God.

He knows full well that you are not his blood family, but in his eyes you are his family all the same. He loves you so much. You are his uncles and aunts. You are its teachers and guides. You are the ones they turn to when our relationship takes a turn for the worse. You always have good advice for him and he always listens to you very carefully.

To him, you are like a spare tire that he can always pull out when he has a problem, a question or a strained relationship with his mother. He really appreciates everything you do. He realizes that you don’t have to pay him so much care and love (after all, nothing forces you to stay) but he knows that you have made the free choice to be his family.

And, in his eyes, it’s worth all the gold in the world. And, for me, it is more than I could have ever hoped to find for my son. So thanks ! Thank you for being you! Thank you for always being there to help us: Thank you for supporting us in difficult times and for always being ready to celebrate our victories and our successes.

Without you, life would be a lot less fun and interesting. Without you, I don’t know where we would be today. Without you, I might not be the mother I am today. And, without a doubt, without you, my son would not be the exceptional man he has become. So thank you friends!

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