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Thanks to your strong and independent mother, you have become an exceptional woman

Modern society tries to impose on us this image of the fragile and frail woman. Apparently, we are not able to live alone without the presence of a man to guide us.

This stereotype is very common and social networks only fuel this phenomenon.

By listing the posts, you can see that the women themselves fall into this trap.

“Here is the man thanks to whom I am happy”, “Without you, I am nothing”… Really? Moreover, those around us even tend to stigmatize women who prefer to be single, or those who are by default.

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say to you, “But when are you going to find yourself a man?” or something like that.

As if being alone were a blemish, a disease… However, this is far from being the case. Being alone means that you prioritize your happiness.

You refuse to stay in toxic romantic relationships simply for fear of celibacy or because society imposes this way of life on you.

Being alone means that you want to work on your personal development and find the happiness that is hidden deep within you.

Finally, what is sad about this story is that we should not point the finger at the strong and independent women who choose to remain single or who prefer to wait for a man truly worthy of them but rather those who agree to stay in. unhealthy relationships.

What do they really hope to gain from this kind of relationship?

They are not single… Yeh… Great… But, other than that? They are unhappy, depressed, and trapped by their own desires to create a semblance of happiness that doesn’t really exist.

But, do you want me to tell you something?

There is nothing wrong with being alone. Moreover, my mother is a strong and independent woman who, by the force of circumstances, found herself alone. It never stopped her from being successful in her life and being happy.

And, thanks to her, I learned essential things about life that I would never have been able to learn with another person. She raised me in her image and I will always be grateful to her.

What I learned from my strong and independent mother

When you have a strong mom, you realize that you don’t need a man to be happy. You understand that any girl can thrive on her own, without having to hold someone’s hand.

The lesson from your strong, independent mom that you need to learn is that your love life has nothing to do with your success or your sense of accomplishment. With a strong mother, you learn to cultivate your independence.

You don’t feel like you have to ask a man’s advice to make a decision because you are well aware of your intellectual capacities. Besides, you prefer things as they are: you don’t want to be held accountable because that gives you the impression of being too submissive.

I’m not saying that all men are toxic or that romantic relationships are prisons… On the contrary! With the right partner, you can truly thrive and achieve your goals.

But, what I’m saying is that, thanks to my mother, I learned not to wait for someone else to create my happiness.

You also learn to share your opinion and opinion in any situation. A strong mom also shows you how to fight for your ideas and defend yourself if necessary. Thanks to her, you shine for yourself.

You don’t hide your ideas for fear that they are stupid. And, if you think you know better how to accomplish a certain task or carry out a professional project, you let it be known… In a courteous manner, of course!

You have confidence in yourself because since you were a child your mom told you that you could accomplish anything you wanted.

You want to make her proud… So, you do everything to take care of yourself, just like she did before you.

With such a woman as a role model, you know how to respect yourself and you won’t let anyone put you down. You don’t let yourself be walked on!

Through life lessons from your mother, you learned not to let men just look at you as a body. You want to be respected for your intelligence, your generosity and your talents. And, not because you have a dream line!

When you have a strong mother, you know what love is and how family members are supposed to relate to each other. You can also tell the difference between what is healthy for you and what is toxic.

Your mom also teaches you to welcome well-meaning people with open arms and to keep your distance from those who don’t seem to care about you.

Thanks to your strong mother, you also learned that crying is not a sign of weakness. Even the bravest of people have moments of doubt and you are well aware of it. Even the most independent girls can feel like their world is falling apart around them.

Never give up

When you have a strong mother, you never give up. And, above all, you do not admit defeating yourself. After falling, you get up and try again to achieve your goals. You keep telling yourself that you can do it and that you are talented enough for it. This is also your leitmotif!

Failure is not an option for you and you keep fighting until you finally succeed in getting what you deeply desire. With such a mother, you cannot forget that you have value: you esteem yourself and you seek respect.

You know your mom would never stand to see someone take advantage of you, your kindness, or any other good thing you have. So you set limits on other people’s behavior and you never lower your standards just to be accepted.

She taught you that you deserve the true love, respect, care and tenderness so you don’t want to settle for a mediocre romantic relationship or a man who is not worthy of you. You deserve someone special and you know that thanks to your mother.

With a strong mother, you never feel alone. No matter what, you always have someone by your side to pick up the crumbs of your heart when you fall or fail. If you can’t stand on your own, she always offers you a helping hand.

She constantly reminds you that you are a tough guy who can go through any ordeal with your head held high. She knows you are smart enough to be successful so she pushes you to chase your dreams.

To have a strong and independent mother is to have a best friend for life. You have someone you can talk to about anything and everything. If something is bothering you, you just give her a call and she’s there.

She listens to you, advises you and boost your morale. If you feel broken, she helps you put the pieces back together. If you feel lost, it allows you to find the light at the end of the tunnel. It is an eternal source of wisdom and comfort that cannot be replaced by anyone else.

A strong mother is a real inspiration, a role model… You want her to be proud of you so you try to gather as much information as possible that will help you understand how she managed to become so exceptional.

In truth, with such a mother, you don’t really have a choice: you can only be exceptional. Indeed, it teaches you how to be strong, independent and happy. It gives you all the tools you need to be happy.

You build your life in his image because you dream of being like him. But what she would prefer is if you were as honest as possible with yourself. She wants you to follow your own dreams and find your source of happiness.

Of course, she would be super proud to see you look like two drops of water to her, but if it costs you your happiness, she’ll say, “It’s not worth it! Stay true to yourself. ” A strong mom doesn’t need your recognition, she just wants to see that her education has paid off.

She wants to make sure that the example she set for you, the advice she gave you and the time invested was worth it. She wishes you happiness, pure and simple. And nothing else ! So you can be grateful to him.

“Thanks Mom ! Thanks to you, I am happy and fulfilled! ” A strong mother is the perfect proof that when you give yourself the means to achieve your dreams, anything can happen. So, pursue your happiness alone. And, once you are fulfilled and fulfilled, you can also be happy as a couple.

Don’t try to conform to society and its dictates. You have to find your way and follow it to the end. Here’s how to make your mom proud and independent!

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