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Nine months and later… When baby takes up all the space in the family

At nearly nine months of pregnancy, the life of a couple sometimes has trouble being boosted. Even if the long-awaited arrival of a baby generally satisfies all parents, women in their new roles as mothers unwittingly abandon their companions. Monsieur sometimes finds himself alone and has a hard time finding a place between his wife and the newborn.

It is true that becoming parents requires great availability from everyone. However, romantic ties seem to be relegated to the background.

Baby monopolizes mom all the time and it is almost impossible to plan candlelit dinners, romantic walks in the moonlight or even big discussions by the fireplace … Because of these changes in behavior, big arguments can break out, a kind of “baby-clash”.

A birth strengthens the emotional bonds but, it can also generate some tensions related to the intimacy of the couple. Fortunately, this situation does not last long and after some discussions and being more conciliatory, things can get back to normal.

It’s certainly easier said than done, but rest assured, the mom, dad, baby triangle will consolidate once you get used to your new life.

Stolen privacy

After a few months after childbirth, many women realize that they have no more time for themselves and their partner. When their first child comes into the world, they no longer have time to devote to their better half.

Very quickly, they find themselves overwhelmed by household chores, baby shopping, their work, stress… A hell of a mental load, you might say. With all that, it’s not easy to find a life as a couple, as when they started out together. They abandon their partner in spite of themselves while being well aware of the situation.

However, they fail to steal a moment of their precious time, especially after the arrival of a baby. Obsessed and monopolized by their dear toddler, they come to perceive their better half as “part of the decor”.

This behavior is far from pleasing these dear Sirs and from there can result many discords. It is never easy to change your habits, especially when happy news forces us to do so.

The need to resume serene married life

However, it is almost vital to find time to refocus on your relationship, it is obvious. We absolutely have to find solutions to spend a few hours together. Have the child or children looked after by the grandparents, failing which a nanny, for example.

This allows you to breathe a little and play the game of seduction a bit like at the beginning. There is no secret, even after childbirth there times try to rekindle the flame. Moreover, some couples do not hesitate to go on weekends, to treat themselves to a good restaurant from time to time.

Regardless of the mode chosen, the ideal and to escape a little bit to break clean with this routine which can in the long run get the better of the couple. As women, we are also much more marked by this damn routine. Indeed, stress and fatigue make us see all the colors. We are then tempted to make our life easier by abandoning our appearances.

Make yourself beautiful is good for your morale

After childbirth it is very tempting to let go, not to take care of yourself, not to make an effort to dress.

However, this attitude is not very good for boosting your self-confidence. Sleeping only 4 hours a night is therefore not a reason for not combing your hair or dressing. Many women forget to be flirtatious by being dominated by their maternal fiber. Moreover, it happens that their companion does not fail to point out this change to them.

In this situation, a single watchword, get back in hand immediately! Nothing better than to redo your wardrobe for example, even if you have gained a few pounds. The key is to make sure you accept these physical changes due to pregnancy. To make yourself beautiful for yourself above all, of course, does not mean that you have to look like a paint bucket, on the contrary.

We can stay natural and be pretty. Say no to neglect, dirty hair, dry skin… Beware of certain men who may be tempted by other petticoats, when they do not find their place in the couple!

To be a little more present for your lover

Caring for a newborn takes a lot of involvement. However, it is necessary to free yourself and give your man more time. Talking with him, showing that we care about him is essential. Sometimes we are also tempted to invite girlfriends, family, mom.

This entourage present to help the young mother and support her a little in her new role can quickly become unbearable in the eyes of her dear and tender, especially if the comings and goings are regular. How can the couple find each other?

If the day everyone goes about their occupations, work, home, chores, why not choose an evening of the week to come out the big game? Going shopping, going to the hairdresser is a balm for the heart. Without spending too much you can quickly get a little makeover. Men are not immune to its big or small changes.

They appreciate it a lot. Moreover, to remain in this perspective of surprising him, why not offer him little games of seduction? They exist in all forms … The goal is to spend a nice evening between lovers by arousing curiosity and passion in the other. A way to rediscover yourself while spicing up your relationship.

Get a grip on yourself quickly!

With the arrival of the baby, it’s not easy to talk about anything else. All of the couple’s discussions revolve around him. Diapers, bottles, doctor’s appointment, first smile, first teeth, all these subjects concern him of course.

However, beyond the concerns that we have as young parents, it is imperative to take a step back and take a little more time to talk about different projects. This allows for long-term perspectives. There are three of you, of course, but we must not forget this notion of a couple, this united and indivisible family nucleus in which your child was born.

Whatever your lifestyle as a young mother, “mother hen” or overwhelmed by work, you must know how to help you and your partner find your place in this new life with baby.

You can, for example, encourage your significant other to change diapers or to bottle-feed. He will feel much closer to you and this will allow him to realize that it is hard, hard to be a mom.

Nine months and later… When baby takes up all the space in the family

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