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Mom… I can’t thank you enough!

I sat comfortably in my chair to write this letter of love and gratitude.

But, from the first sentence, I block… How can I say thank you to a woman who has devoted her whole life to my education?

How to thank someone with a simple letter when it deserves a whole dictionary (in several volumes) of thanks?

Honestly, I do not know. I feel like whatever I write will never represent the magnitude of my feelings.

Still, I must try. I need to tell you how grateful I am for everything you have done for me.

But, even if I say “Thank you” to you every day, it will never be enough in comparison to your sacrifices.

From my birth until today, you have always been there for me. You helped me to become the woman I am now: someone strong, independent and intelligent. Thanks Mom !

Thank you for being there for all stages of my life

As I sit in my chair, I try to remember the most important moments of my life and the role you played in them. And, of course, the first thing I notice is that you’ve always been there.

You are the backbone of my life, even though we are now separated by miles.

When I see you, I only want one thing: to become a little girl again. So, I hug you and won’t let go of your hand as we watch our favorite TV shows together.

You dedicated your life to my education. And, I know it hasn’t been easy.

Raising a child alone is far from fun. Yet you never complained. Even as a child, I already noticed that you always walked with your head held high and a smile on your lips.

I was impressed (and still am) by your willpower, your steadfast endurance and your positivity.

For you, nothing was insurmountable and no obstacle could obstruct our path to happiness.

Mom, thank you for your patience. I know I haven’t always been easy going. I showed you green and unripe ones! Today I realize that my behavior was completely selfish and disrespectful.

I promise you back then I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t have the new trendy sneakers or the last phone that came out.

I am aware that I have been a great source of stress for you. You were working so hard to give us a beautiful …

And me ? I was just bitching. But, luckily, you were able to read between the lines.

You figured out that all I needed was your time and attention. And, it was once that awareness happened that our bonds grew closer.

From my childhood, I have excellent memories. I remember your always warm and heartwarming presence. I keep in mind all our escapades for two, whether in the nearby forest, at your parents’ house or in the park.

You knew you couldn’t give me everything I wanted, materially speaking, but you were aware that you could give me everything I needed.

Together, we built a relationship based on trust and respect and even today, you remain my comfort zone.

Even though I’m an adult now, I’m proud to be close to you. I am grateful for all your emotional investments because it allowed me to understand what was really important in life.

Mom, thank you for always being generous with emotions!

Adolescence has not been an easy time for you either. I rebelled like any other child. But, you were aware that it would pass. I still remember your words:

“I know you think you know everything. I know you believe the world is a playground and adventure.

But, you should always put your safety first. And, above all, whatever happens, know that you can count on me! ”

You knew that at the time I was just doing my own thing so you decided to let me make my own decisions while giving me wise advice in the hope that they would always stay with me. ear when making more or less definitive choices.

And, you were right! I felt free to do whatever I wanted but I was aware that each of my decisions would have consequences. Thanks to your wisdom and patience, I have learned to be responsible and take care of myself.

I’ll tell you one thing: in today’s world, these are rare but essential qualities. So, mom, thank you for taking it upon yourself to let me discover the world and its dangers for myself. You have always been a strong and independent woman.

And, of course, you dreamed of seeing me be too. Well, congratulations! You succeed. You instilled in me essential values ​​and I followed your example. I always wanted to make you proud and I sincerely hope that I have succeeded.

The last few years have been devoted to my higher education and my first steps into the world of work. Once again you were the wind blowing behind my back. You let me choose the path I wanted and you encouraged me as much as you could.

You always believed that I was going to be successful and that I could find the job of my dreams. It is thanks to the confidence you have established and the faith you have always had in me that I have achieved my goals. Today, I have a career that makes me proud.

Mom, thank you also for never being the type of person who avoids difficult subjects. You always spoke openly about my father and the disappointment you felt when he abandoned us. Yet you never tried to demonize him.

You gave me the choice to meet him or not. You didn’t pretend to know what kind of man he had become. And, you didn’t try to forbid our communication. Certainly, I realized that he was not at all interested in me but I made this observation alone.

In this way, I have no regrets or hatred. I don’t regret not knowing him because I was able to see for myself who he really was. I don’t hate you because you gave me the opportunity to make this decision on my own. Mom, thank you for your selflessness!

In love, too, you never skimp on words. A lot of my boyfriends were toxic men who didn’t deserve my attention. Of course, you knew it but you didn’t want to judge me for my choices.

You were aware that if you made me break up, I would run away in the arms of the man of the moment. Mom, your wisdom and intelligence have no limits! You listened to me when I was at my lowest, without making the slightest judgment.

You advised me, helped me, gave me your support… And, I do without the best. As soon as I call you to get some comfort, you answer. Even if you are tired. Even if you have your own problems. You always put my happiness first.

You are an exceptional woman. You are compassionate and you always take care of others. Thanks to you, I always want to be a better person. As I get older, I hope to at least be half the woman you are.

Mom, you are my biggest inspiration

Mom, without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. Well, I wouldn’t even be born… All kidding aside, you helped me build my personality. You allowed me to become who I really wanted to be without judging myself or pushing me out of my comfort zone.

You filled my heart with unconditional love and support. You showed me that selflessness has incredible power. Putting the needs of others before my own is an emotional investment that gives me peace of mind and an indescribable sense of accomplishment.

Thanks to you, I know I have to take care of others and give them my time and energy. Even though those same people wouldn’t do it for me. Because helping others is helping yourself to become better. You also taught me to love.

Without you, I wouldn’t know what pure, unconditional love looks like. I would still be trapped in toxic and unhealthy relationships that plague my life. Mom, thank you for teaching me to be nice to everyone I meet.

And, above all, thank you for pushing me to pursue my dreams. You always told me that nothing is impossible, that willpower and hard work allow you to achieve anything and reach heights that I could not even dream of. And, you were right!

Look at me today! I am proud of who I am. I am grateful for the life I have built. And, all of this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Mom, you are my biggest inspiration and my blessing. Thank you… Infinitely thank you!

Thank you for always being true to yourself. You never pretended to be someone you weren’t just to impress others. You taught me that being true to yourself is the most important thing.

“You can lie to others but you cannot lie to your heart!” I will never forget that sentence. She is so real and she represents you perfectly. To appear happy, I had to find happiness deep within myself.

And, for that, I had to be honest about my talents, my qualities, my faults, my dreams, my desires and my means. Without you, I would still continue to make the happiness of my companions a priority. But, I had an exceptional teacher!

You showed me that the only way to be happy in a relationship was to be happy with yourself first. Mom, thank you for making me understand that I don’t need a man to feel complete and fulfilled.

I hope one day I can return the favor but honestly I don’t really know how. Nothing can compare to the impact you have had on me and on my life. No gift… No amount of money can equal everything you have done for me.

Mom, I love you more than words can describe. And, although I may not say it enough: Thank you for everything! Sitting there in my armchair, I imagine you reading this letter. I know you are going to be moved but I hope you will manage to capture the depth of my feelings.

I’m not always very good with words. But, I had a sincere need to express my gratitude and appreciation. I’m not trying to erase my bad behavior during childhood and adolescence or find justifications for my mood swings.

I just wanted to thank you for always being there for me, in good times and bad. I wanted you to know that I was aware of your sacrifices, your personal investment and the work you did.

Now I hope you finally have the time to take care of yourself. I want you to be happy and to make your life and your happiness priorities… For once! Since you have been there for me, I will always be there for you. 

If you need to talk, go out or sit in silence by my side … Know that I will always reach out to you. Mom, thank you for all these life lessons. Thank you for being such an exceptional woman who pushes me to work hard to become better.

Thank you for being an example to follow. I am proud of you. I am proud to be your daughter. I am proud of what we have accomplished together. Mom, thank you for everything! I love you unconditionally …

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