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5 Tips To Strengthen My Child’s Immune System

The cold virus attack begins especially when it is cold outside. This is how the attacks can be successfully fended off.

The first cold often comes with the cold. Pathogens float through the air in tiny drops and then lurk at the next door handle. This is how colds spread rapidly. It is understandable that many want to arm themselves by strengthening their defenses.

Sleep for the immune system

In order for our immune system to function well, two things are crucial: rest and sleep.

Because during sleep, the level of the stress hormone cortisol also falls. This hormone inhibits our immune system. At the same time, more immune-stimulating growth hormone is released during sleep. But how much sleep is enough? While two-year-old children should sleep 13 hours, elementary school children ten hours.

Stress and worry

Not to be underestimated: Our psyche also has a great influence on our immune system. Those who are plagued by worry and stress are also more susceptible to illness. Laughter, on the other hand, strengthens our immune cells, reduces stress and releases the happiness hormone serotonin.

Therefore, the social environment can also be decisive for the well-being and health of your child: Contact with other children, happiness, singing and laughter keep children healthy. And also strengthen your love and security.


You are what you eat / drink.

For a strong immune system, you should make sure that your child eats a healthy and varied diet. In concrete terms, this means: little sugar, little meat and little highly processed finished products. Rather rely on fiber, minerals and vitamins. They are mainly found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Herbal teas with lemon juice, for example, make the immune system fit. There are also anti-inflammatory substances in honey – a spoonful of honey every now and then. In addition, nuts provide energy and stimulate the anti-virus front.

The general rule is: drink a lot. Because in this way you help the body to excrete harmful toxins.

Exercise in the fresh air

But hardly anything gets our immune system up to speed as effectively as exercise. Research has shown that people who exercise regularly have fewer infections. Because with enough exercise, for example, the ability of our cells to recognize and attack pathogens improves. They divide faster and produce more signaling substances to get other immune cells going.

Exercise in the open air is particularly beneficial: the sun provides the body with vitamin D – which is important for the body’s defenses. Fresh air also stimulates blood circulation, which also supports the body’s defenses.

Plus point: When children let off steam, they usually also reduce stress.

What is the point of excessive hygiene?

Hygiene is important: Your child should wash their hands thoroughly, especially after using public transport and blowing their nose. However, excessive hygiene is not necessary. Because this weakens rather than strengthens the immune system.

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