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3 tips to help your kids get more creative

Less tablet, television and smartphone – sounds like a dream? With these tricks you can lure your child away from the screen and encourage their creativity instead.

It is quite normal that almost every household has televisions, tablets and smartphones. And it is quite normal that many children can already use these devices.

But media literacy means more than pressing the right buttons and keys. In order to learn how to use the media correctly, children need the support of their parents. You can find important tips on the subject. Because media can also become a problem. When children spend a lot of time with digital media, reading and writing problems, aggressiveness and sleep disorders can all increase.


So turn off the screen! And instead? Promote your child’s creativity.

Why is creativity so important for children? 

It is often easier for creative people to work. They can cope with problems more easily and usually have the best ideas – in short: creativity is a prerequisite for successful careers. When you support your child’s creativity, you are promoting overall personality development. Your child will become more confident and learn to trust their own abilities more.

This is how it works with creativity:

1. Make space

Creativity has to develop. To create a place where your child can realize themselves. In concrete terms, this means: set up a handicraft corner, for example. This corner will inspire them to make things by hands.

2. Away with toys

For birthdays, Christmas and Easter, children get countless games. A different toy is waiting in every corner. And the distraction! Often children are overwhelmed by the mass of toys and therefore choose “simple” television. Therefore: Dare to put some of the toys away for a certain period of time. Colours, pens and paper should always be available for painting.

3. Be a role model

Do you want to convince your child to put their smartphone away and turn off the television? Then show us how. Advice is most effective when parents set an example for their children. You should therefore set a good example and cultivate a conscious approach to media yourself.

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