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Sometimes the question “why do you want a child?” answer that “for themselves”, “to continue the race”, and some do not know the answer to this question at all. Meanwhile, this is a very important aspect in the life of every person. After all, being a parent is not only joy, salvation from loneliness, but also a huge responsibility.

Raising children is not only providing clothes, food, shelter, but also attention, care, love. Are you loving enough to share, are you mature enough to correctly perceive the mistakes of your children, without judging them or comparing them with others, giving them due attention?

After all, “an orphan is not a child who does not have a father and mother, but an orphan who has a busy father and an inattentive mother.”


Al-Ghazali said: “Know that raising children is, among others, the most important, the most important thing. Children – is temporarily entrusted to their parents by God, for which they have to answer to Him. ” 

A child born into this world is like a completely blank sheet of paper that we must fill with the right content. And for this, you need to be properly filled yourself. After all, as the English proverb says: “Do not bring up children, they will still be like you. … Educate yourself. ”

When you scold your son for not reading books, remember how long ago you yourself held fiction? When you scold your daughter for being rude, listen to how you talk in the family? Children very quickly remember everything that happens around them. And from this, an idea of ​​the world is formed. Whether it’s a son or daughter, they are sure to soak up your atmosphere. It is very important for children to feel safe, and they feel a sense of security through your touch, so hug your children more often.

How to raise a child correctly? 

1. Become the person to whom you can come with any problem with the confidence that they will not condemn, but understand. So your children will learn to trust you, which means trust the world and stop lying. Because only the child who is afraid that he will not be understood and will be punished is lying.

2. Teach your children to share even small things. This will teach them how to think about other people. And be sure to praise them for their successes, for their good deeds, and remind them that Allah loves those who do good.

3. Let your child have an interesting hobby in which he could realize himself. However, don’t make your dreams come true with your child. Remember, your baby is a different person, not an extension of you. And if you have dreamed of becoming a ballerina all your life, then the child may have his own dreams.

4. Don’t compare your child to others. This is bad motivation, which does not lead to success, but to the emergence of complexes and feelings of envy.

5. And of course, teach your child to the Koran. Include audio recordings of the Quran, read aloud yourself. Perform prayer on time, show your child the importance of prayer by example. Invite him to pray together. Even the smallest kids usually follow their parents’ movements.

After all, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that “The child [of his good deeds; his wealth and life in general] refer to what was accomplished by his father [his parents. That is, his good breeding, correctness and good deeds can be counted not only to him but also to the one who gave birth, raised him. And this is in case he does the good he is doing on their behalf] ”. (Abu Dawood).

Try to do everything in your power to grow a righteous Muslim out of your child.

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