The family is the basis of society, the environment in which a person finds peace for himself, a means for procreation, it is a tool that saves a person from various troubles. Family happiness and serenity mean community happiness and serenity. And happiness in the family can be preserved with mutual love and respect between spouses, between all family members, if they will always be patient with each other. It is clear that a husband and wife who spend their whole lives in joy and sorrow together, more than any other need friendship, mutual love and respect.

This is stated in the verse: “He created wives for you out of yourself, so that you could find rest in them. ” The purpose of the creation of married couples is clearly indicated here, and at the same time, the person is inspired with the idea that one should perceive his wife or his husband as a source of happiness and tranquillity. Therefore, a precondition for achieving happiness in the family is the ability of spouses to look at each other from this point of view.

Two representatives of opposite sexes, who until recently did not know each other, become inextricably linked by marriage, build a building for their family, which is based on the concepts of purity, chastity, integrity, and it consists of mutual trust and feelings of love. This is one of the best gifts of Allah Almighty to humanity. As stated in the verse, this is an important lesson for those people who know how to think. Everything that exists is built on love.

Love is the main source of family happiness. When this source dries up, family happiness and well-being are threatened. It was not by chance that our Lord made love a necessary condition for family life. Through love, two hearts merge. And the merging of hearts is possible only at the request of Allah, as stated in the Quran. The actions of the spouses should be the means for their intimacy. If the husband and wife can achieve this, then they have a chance to gain spiritual and physical health. And those spouses who constantly harass each other do not fulfil this condition, so love cools down, and intimacy also disappears. Even if they do not get divorced, and the family does not completely collapse, they will still experience psychological difficulties, which can lead to loss of health. For this reason, spouses are obliged to carefully cultivate the tree of family happiness, nourishing it with love and respect, so that children become the fruits of this happiness.

Unhappy spouses cannot raise happy children. Raising Children in Islam: General Provisions In this article we bring to your attention several points from the general provisions on the upbringing of children in Islam. What religious parents need to know to create a prosperous atmosphere in a Muslim family.

Two different people who grew up in different families, in different conditions, having started a family, find themselves in the same boat. And then they should swim together. Therefore, they must be in harmony with each other. But this does not mean at all that they should always and in everything agree with each other. This is not at all a prerequisite for a harmonious life.

However, in a harmonious life of spouses, there should be a sphere of coincidence of views, beliefs, tastes and values. In addition to the basic life principles, where the views of the husband and wife coincide, there may be a difference in assessments and preferences, which only adds variety to life, makes it richer. Disputes can also arise between spouses. But the purpose of disputes should not be the desire to win, to prove their superiority, but by mutual efforts to establish what is most correct and reasonable.

Between a husband and wife there should be no pressure, but conviction, not confrontation, but compromises, not hatred, but love, not aggression, but calm communication.

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