At every age, a person has a leading activity. This is the occupation in the process of which there is growth, learning, personality formation, the development of all skills, knowledge and skills. And for the child, this activity is precisely the game. Play takes up most of a child’s life. If you want to win over your child, you have to play with him. The seven most important advantages of the game:

1. The game allows you to explore this world.

During the game, the child learns a lot, realizes the basic laws.

2. The game demonstrates your love and affection.

Children’s life is a game. You can’t discount games. Moreover, they perceive all the actions of an adult as a game. So, even after playing with you, you can hear from the crumbs: “Go ahead, play!” Thus, the game in the best way shows the child that he is loved and significant.

3. Play promotes creative development.

You’ve probably noticed how children come up with games for themselves? It takes imagination and thinking outside the box. Through play, children explore new ideas and interests. Around themselves, they create and embody that little unique world of theirs, which secretly exists in their fantasies.

4. Play teaches discipline.

Each game has rules. And the child learns to play on them. Otherwise, the game will not have its continuation.

5. Play builds relationships.

Through play, the child learns to think about the needs and feelings of others. Otherwise, the game will end quickly. Thus, play forces the child to build relationships with people.

6. Play helps to relieve stress.

Every action of the child, every toy he takes, reflects what is happening in the soul of the little man. Therefore, it is important to observe the child’s play.

7. Play teaches the child the basics of religion.

The child’s brain is most active during play. Therefore, through games, you can easily and pleasantly teach him the basics of faith and Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) subtly noted the importance of play for a child. The best of the human race (ﷺ) always found a reason to play with children. That is why he did not get angry and did not stop the child’s innocent games even during prayer!

From Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him and his father) it is narrated: “Once the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) carried the grandson of Hussein on his shoulders. A certain person, seeing this, said to Hussein: “Oh, son, what a wonderful vehicle you have! ”  The Prophet (ﷺ) said in response: ” He is also a wonderful rider! ” (Tirmidhi).

What games can you play with your child? There is a wide variety of games in the world. Many of them are similar to each other. Teach your child about games from your childhood.

In a playful way, memorize the pillars of iman and Islam with your children. These can be light quatrains in combination with finger games. Draw and sculpt Arabic letters with your child. Make Arabic alphabet flashcards and have your kids trace the letters.

Periodically play mind games on the knowledge, the stories of the prophets, and others.

When reading the story of a prophet with your child, depict with him your associations from what you heard. For example, having learned about the first man and the first prophet Adam (a.s.), you can invite the child to draw, sculpt or make an applique of a fruit tree, and about the prophet Nuha (a.s.) – a ship.

Read the verses and hadiths to your child. Try to explain them to him in an accessible way, and also draw the correct conclusions with him. For example, you can tell your child the content of the “Fil” sura.

Do not forget to add that Allah is Great and everything happens according to His will. The child must develop the correct life beliefs.

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