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Ingeniously simple do-it-yourself water play wall

Plastic bottles can be reused in many ways. If you’re still looking for a summer craft idea, how about a water play wall? You can find out how to do it in our instructions.

© Sandra Hohenstein


  • Empty 1.5l disposable bottles (approx. 4 pieces)
  • Plastic tub or other waterproof container
  • 1 wooden post approx. 80cm high, 1 wooden slat approx. 50cm high
  • Screws
  • Cordless screwdriver

First, think roughly how many bottles you can attach to the post. So that the child can fill water alone, the first bottle should not be higher than shoulder height. With us, the two-year-old mainly plays on it, so it was not possible to install more than 4 bottles on an approx. 80cm long post. Of course, you can also make the play wall larger and place a stool next to it. Then you should fix it to a wall to be on the safe side. Our copy is free and can therefore be carried anywhere.

© Sandra Hohenstein

It starts with the thick post, which is screwed to the wooden slat like a “T”. So that the construction does not tip over and the water cannot run away, we have attached an angular plastic tub to the floor. We simply fixed it to the post with a screw on the upper edge. Now you can start and you can distribute and cut the bottles as you like.

In our example, we start at the top with a halved bottle, which we attach to the neck with a screw. We screwed everything directly, without pre-drilling, which was easily possible with pointed wood screws.

© Sandra Hohenstein

Then we cut the three whole bottles so that they can be inserted into each other and the water can flow through them. You still have to consider beforehand that you still have to screw them together. So you should always plan the screw where the bottle is cut.

Be careful when tightening the screw, if you overtighten it will tear the thin plastic of the disposable bottle. To make the water feature even more exciting, we have completely removed the bottom of the right bottle so that it can be filled in two places.

Finally, we fixed the lower half of a bottle and poked holes in the bottom. So the water runs out slowly and the child can catch the water directly below. Your water play wall is ready.

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