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Handicrafts with cardboard: 6 great cardboard craft ideas

Board and cardboard s  meet n  in everyday life in the form of packages  and  boxes. If you still have a piece of cardboard  or a box  at home, do n’t throw  it  away ! Tinker with cardboard offers  you  and your children  many opportunities  you  create from zutoben. 

In this article:

  • Handicrafts with cardboard: make cards yourself
  • Tinker kicker out of cardboard
  • Making boxes with cardboard
  • Handicrafts with cardboard: parking garage
  • Make a birdhouse out of cardboard
  • Make a playhouse out of cardboard

Handicrafts with cardboard: make cards yourself

Cards can be used for a long time. Whether  for  invitations or to  bring  joy to the grandparents . Handicrafts with cardboard  offer  you  the opportunity  to experiment with different colors and materials. When a card is  a piece of  cardboard as the basis r . The se  you can according to taste  cut into different shapes and sizes.  Here you can find inspiration for how your cardboard card could look. 

 Make a card  with  a  fabric heart

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If you have a piece of cloth lying around at home, cut it out into a heart or something. Your offspring can then  stick it on the  cardboard . D ABy  gets your card an additional texture. 

Tinker Easter card with  cardboard is an innovative e-magazine for architecture, design and fashion.Published

You can also make cards for holidays   . As pleased  si ch friends  or grandparents determined by a homemade card. We have a great idea for  Easter handicrafts here . You can take your  piece of cardboard into a egg -F orm  trim and then how to paint the eggs and decorate colorful.      

Tinker kicker out of cardboard

Another shoebox left? If so, you can make your own kicker. Not only  the handicrafts , the game  is also fun . YOU NEED:

  • A box
  • 6 straws
  • 10 clothespins
  • A scissors
  • Styrofoam ball
  • ruler
  • Paint paint

Making boxes with cardboard

If you still need boxes for storage or as gifts, you can easily make them yourself. Due to its solid structure , cardboard is  ideal  for making a box.  

Tinker folding boxes in just a few steps

It only takes a few simple steps to make this box  . Cut your cardboard into a square . Cut the corners and fold the pieces of cardboard  inwards. The first part is already done. The other half should be larger or smaller so that you can close your box at the end.  At the  end you can paint one half of the box and your child  the other. 

Make a pyramid box with cardboard

This cardboard box  is something different. You have  the box  in a  s tern similar Fo r m cut . Draw a square and paint a triangle on each edge. Poke  a  hole  in  the top of  each triangle. Fold the sides in and thread a string through the top of the holes.

Handicrafts with cardboard: parking garage 

With individual pieces of cardboard you can also make a parking garage for your child’s play cars. You can draw the individual parking spaces on your box with a felt pen. Of course, you can also build a multi-storey car park. Best  suited  for  thick Pap pe that the weight of the car  lift can . Here you can find inspiration for what your parking garage can look like.  

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Make a birdhouse out of cardboard

Do not only give pleasure to you, but also to other living beings with your handicrafts? Then you should definitely go to a bird house . Whether in the garden or on the balcony: A bird house should definitely not be missing. Especially if you can tinker it himself with a cardboard s t. For it is suitable  a superbly Tetrapak carton . 

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Make a playhouse out of cardboard

The dream of every child is  there  own little fortress  to possess . Why not make your own  playhouse  out of cardboard? If you still have large pieces of cardboard left over from your last furniture purchase  , let your  architectural vein run free.

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