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Teach Your Child How to Read: How can reading be promoted?

As a parent, you can significantly influence your child’s reading ability and enthusiasm for books. The following tips show you how:

  • Parents as a Role Model As a parent, you should also read regularly, which infects children to imitate.
  • Inspired by reading aloud: Read to your child regularly and actively involve them in the selection of the book. Before falling asleep, for example, it is a nice ritual to read a chapter from a children’s book with your child. Take turns reading while letting your child begin. If it makes mistakes, do not correct them first so as not to interrupt the reading flow. Only when the mistakes repeat do you point this out to your child. Listen carefully and react to what has been read at relevant points. Pause for short breaks and talk to your child about the content recorded so far. This way you can see immediately whether the reading comprehension is sufficient even when reading aloud. If your child can no longer praise their reading performance, give them feedback,
  • Let books be selected: Let your child choose which reading material he would like to deal with. A motivation to read can only arise through the independent discovery of one’s own interests. And once this has been awakened, the basis is laid for a later interest, which is especially important in English. A visit to the bookstore, in which the child can choose the (night) reading, therefore arouses the interest in the book that may have been read together.
  • Promoting text comprehension: not only read books to your child, but also ask questions about the text after individual sections or have the accompanying pictures explained. So your child can not only be sprinkled, but is actively involved in the story. Exceptions are of course bedtime stories!
  • Awaken attention: Use everyday life with your child to sensitize them to the different letters, be it through the classic letter soup or fridge magnets, which are repeatedly put together to create new words.
  • Letter learning games : Whether specially designed reading learning games or self-invented games with a learning factor – children still prefer to learn while playing. How about the letter gossip game, for example. Whenever a predetermined letter appears in a word, there is clapping. Whoever claps right first can step forward, who claps wrong must step back etc.
  • Write the name: First your own name, then that of mom & dad or that of the siblings. In this way, the tribe of familiar letters is continually expanded and receives a direct connection to children’s life. However, make sure that your child spells the letters correctly from the start and that no mistakes creep in.

Overall, the topic of learning to read should always be addressed without pressure from the parents. Do not force anything, otherwise your children will quickly lose the joy of reading. At the beginning it is often enough to practice 5 minutes a day.

Also, patience is very important in this context , as in the early days learning to read is more likely to go ahead very slowly. However, keep in mind that even the smallest reading successes are associated with praise. This motivates your child to keep going and to constantly improve.

Teach Your Child How to Read: How can reading be promoted?
Teach Your Child How to Read: How can reading be promoted?

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