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Parental Parenting Styles

Parental parenting styles are seven different methods, and Glen H. Elder added four other styles based on Lewin’s parenting styles in 1962. This categorization is still used today as the basis for the distinction within parenting styles.

1. Autocratic parenting
style This style assumes that there is a need to be authoritarian to the child . The child’s own initiative is suppressed and the child’s opinion is not questioned.

2. Authoritarian style
Authoritarian education is about unconditional obedience and psychological control, but not about controlling the course of action. Failure to comply with rules and norms will result in severe physical punishment . Respect for parental authority and compliance with rules and norms count as an independent value here . The climate in such a family is dominated by cold and hostility.

3. Democratic style
The democratic parenting style conveys desirability and a feeling of security to a child, since the child is perceived and treated as a serious personality. The parents consider help and support to be essential, but leave enough room for the child to act independently and independently.

4. Egalitarian parenting style
With this parenting style, parents and child are at eye level. The child’s opinion is compared to that of the parents, so decisions are made together . In addition, parents and children each have the same rights and obligations.

5. Permissive style
Parents are very reluctant to use this method of education. When it comes to personal decisions, the child has to make them alone.

6. Laissez-faire style
Here the child is left to his own devices. There are no binding rules or standards, so there is little interest in the parents’ development of the child. Parents’ wishes can be taken into account when making decisions, but they don’t have to.

7. Negative style
This is a style in which the parents show no interest at all in the development of the child and therefore do not influence the upbringing at all.

Parental Parenting Styles
Parental Parenting Styles

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