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Homesick on school trips: How can you help your child?


Many children can enjoy school trips without problems, while others suffer enormously from separation from their parents. Find out here what you can do to help your child get homesick during the school trip and what you can do for your child in advance. …

What to do if you are homesick on school trips?

Tears and withdrawal, but also abdominal and headache, sleep disorders and nausea are among the worst symptoms of homesickness. Especially when your child is away from home for a long time and separated from you, his parents, he or she may suffer from homesickness to a greater or lesser extent. This is stressful both for the child himself and for his parents. If you follow some tips and advice, you can help your child to enjoy excursions and school trips without problems in the future.

How can you fight homesickness before the school trip?

To save your child from homesickness and tears on school trips, it is especially important to work with the child and his / her teachers. The golden rule is that you should discuss everything about the upcoming school trip with the child . Explain to your child where the class trip is going, how it is planned and what positive experiences they can expect at the excursion site. Always strive for positive formulations so that your child gets a positive picture of the upcoming trip in advance. Explain to your child the regulations applicable on the school trip and explain the meaning behind it . This way your child gains trust and does not feel that he has to get involved in something unpredictable. It also feels actively involved in planning the school trip . If necessary, you can also involve your child’s class teacher and other accompanying persons present on the class trip in such a conversation so that your child recognizes them as a person of trust.

What tips help against homesickness on the school trip?

If your child suffers from homesickness on school trips, you should try to make it clear to your child that your emotional and protective connection continues during the school trip . This prevents your child from feeling left alone and cut off from their home. For example, your favorite cuddly toy can be suitable for giving your child a piece of home. Even small messages written on pieces of paper that cheer up your child and show him that his parents are very close even in the distance can be very effective against homesickness. Even phone calls with you can act in mitigation, so that your child does not feel isolated and cut off from home. Here is, however important from whom the impulse for the call originates and in which situation it takes place . Regular feedback from the child requested by you in advance can create a feeling of control or implicitly convey that “everything is fine” is not normal. Talk to the supervising teachers in advance about how they assess the situation, especially if they have decided to ban a cell phone during the school trip.

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