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Help With Homework – Tips for Parents

The topic of homework is discussed frequently and intensively in many families. Here we give you some important recommendations on how you as parents can properly support your children

Homework tips for parents: what needs to be considered?You will surely know this from your own school days: When school lessons are finally over, students would prefer to spend the rest of the day with leisure, sport, friends or hobbies. But there is usually still homework in the way. In many families, homework, its necessity and the time of completion is discussed almost daily.

Why is there homework?

Many a pupil wonders why he has to deal with the school content at home after the exhausting school visit. The answer is simple: with homework, the student trains the independent use of the knowledge imparted. He is asked to organize and structure his work independently. With the homework, it turns out whether the material that was taken was understood. They are therefore important feedback for the teachers.

Even if many students tend to say that they have heard and understood everything at school: Frequent practice is important so that the learning material can consolidate. It’s a bit like in football: Bundesliga professionals and world champions also practice standard situations time and again.

When does it make sense to do homework?

A time between lunch and dinner is advisable for homework. The student will find out the best time for homework over time. For many it is important to take a break right after school in order to switch off. Fresh air, exercise or just chilling a little help. Some students work most effectively after a rather short lunch break and are happy when they have the rest of the day at leisure. For others, it’s better to start homework later in the afternoon.

Whichever time is chosen: Homework should have a fixed place in the daily structure and should be part of the school day as naturally as attending school itself. A written daily schedule , comparable to the school timetable, helps to develop routine homework and to avoid frequent discussions about it.

How long should my child do homework?How long homework should take is set out in state-specific school laws and ordinances. In primary school, the guideline values ​​are between 15 and 30 minutes in the first two school years and up to 60 minutes in grades 3 to 4. Up to 90 minutes in grades 5 to 6 and up to 120 minutes in the higher grades.

Homework should be feasible in the given time frame. If a student regularly spends the whole afternoon learning homework or vocabulary and takes significantly longer than expected, this should be questioned. Then there may be a lack of understanding of the subject matter dealt with, the correct working techniques, effective time management or the necessary concentration. In this case, moving your homework to another time in the afternoon, removing potential sources of distraction, or training your ability to concentrate can help. If this does not help, it is advisable to contact the relevant subject or class teacher.

Where should your child do his homework?A quiet work place is essential for every student. Ideally, the workplace is tidy and has enough space for notebooks, books, calculators and all other necessary utensils. Potential sources of distraction such as cell phones, toys, tablets, radio or magazines should be banished out of reach. The temptation to distract yourself briefly with a WhatsApp message or similar is huge when everything is within reach. The pupil should be able to concentrate on his work, for this it is important to have enough rest . Therefore: switch off distracting noise sources such as radio, music, etc.!

How much help is useful for homework?Homework is a student’s duty and should be your own responsibility be made by him. Over time, every student will learn and internalize this. Parents can support this by encouraging their child to become self-employed. It helps young students in particular if parents can be approached with homework. For example, if the child is stuck and for example does not understand the task or cannot solve the task. In this case, it is advisable to give help for self-help: For example, by encouraging the child to read the task again, underlining important information, looking up questions and information, or similar. It is important that the student learns to take responsibility for his learning process and his result. Therefore, we recommend homework help to give as sparingly as possible. The sense of achievement that you have done your homework independently and that you can best show the right result is an important motivation and strengthens your self-confidence .

By the way, a properly kept homework book is an important prerequisite for doing homework. Especially in secondary schools, where homework is not done from day to day, but until the next class, a task book helps to keep an overview and not to forget anything.

Help With Homework - Tips for Parents
Help With Homework – Tips for Parents

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