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Family meals – more than just food!

Taking meals together as a family promotes children and creates family ties. In addition to the exchange of the most important information, family meals fulfill other important functions.

The trend of recent years is unmistakable. Eating is becoming a minor issue: a croissant on the tram, a slice of pizza at your desk or a bar during your coffee break. It is all the more important to celebrate family meals together and to find time for family meals. According to general recommendations, every family should meet at the table at least once a day to eat together. But why? What is so important about family meals?

Benefits of enjoying together

If you plan a meal together in your family’s daily routine, you create a conscious space for each other every day. This time is very valuable because all family members can participate in the lives of others. Take a look back at the day, chat about the personal highlight of the day, seek advice or enjoy something beautiful together. All of this is possible and at the same time contributes to family cohesion. If the common meal takes place at a regular, fixed time, this becomes a reliable daily element for children. You can look forward to it and feel comfortable with this clear structure.

Learning by eating

The meal together also represents a large educational area of ​​influence. Parents or older siblings can act as a model for the desired table rules. The little ones can easily look up from the big ones and feel proud when they succeed, for example, with a knife and fork. A praise from the parents will certainly make children’s eyes shine and strengthen the self-confidence enormously.
It should also be noted that people do not use the telephone, read the newspaper or play Gameboy while eating together. Paying attention to each other, setting a collective table or starting the meal together are just as important so that family meals also have an educational effect. With these basic rules, children are not only satisfied, but can also practice important components for a respectful interaction with each other every day.

Family meals - more than just food!
Family meals – more than just food!

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